The first completely portable, sturdy and affordable photobooth

Snapshot studio is a portable, user-controlled digital photobooth that can be set up at any kind of event. Guests at the event take their own photos using a remote. The design is optimized for easy setup and removal and provides a cost-effective way for photographers to increase their income from events.

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The Snapshot Studio portable photobooth has been designed from scratch to be fast to setup and remove, whilst taking up minimal space.

This allows the booth to be used at any event or occasion, being centerpiece to the proceedings, or quietly providing entertainment to those who like something a little different!



Everyone loves a chance for a photo, The Snapshot Studio is often the most popular attraction at an event, drawing people to come and have a go, and see what fun shots they can take.

Obviously popularity means more sales opportunities for you. With people having photos in groups there is often the chance to land multiple sales.



What drives most people to come and have a go with the Snapshot Studio? Fun of course! At events and gatherings people are always looking for something to do that provides a great laugh and a lasting memory, Snapshot Studio is it!

No matter what the event, the Snapshot Studio is always on hand to entertain the people, and boost your earnings.